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10 Interesting Facts About University Of Nigeria [UNEC] Girls [MUST READ]


FACT ABOUT UNEC GIRLS: Unec is a school dat is filled with beautiful and determined girls, if u are very observant, u will notice things about Unec girls,
1. Unec girl will tell u about boys that asked her for se x or asked her Out and she refused, but she will not tell u about the ones that asked her for se x or asked her out and she agreed.
2. Unec girls hate entering boys hostel, daz why when ever u asked any unec girl to be ur babe, the first thing she will ask u is, ” where do u stay ?” Once she noticed dat u stay in d hostel, she will HARDLY accept u, that’s why most of them fall inlove with Off campus guys.
3. Unec girl that come from poor family always use the most expensive things, and na Them form pass.

4. Those that are not bornagain are more intelligent than those that are born again.
5. Those who don’t have boyfriend in school, always have a guy who is fooling them Outside.
6. Unec girls don’t like Cooking ooo.
7.Unec girls don’t like kiss and tell, they like living a secret life.
8. Most Unec girls Uses bleaching Cream
9. Their character in School and outside school, is not the same thing
10. Most of them don’t have their own say, they will like to tell their roomate of their close friends and hear what they will say, and then come back and give u an answer.

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