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Good News To Nigerians: MMM Will Run Until Jesus Come, I Can’t Wait To Continue In January 2017 – Number Guilder Says

“I registered and own the domain mmm-nigeria.net which expires on the 7th of June 2019 (could be extended).
“I make financial contributions (provide help) to the MMM Nigeria community like everyone else and accept all the benefits and risks like everyone else. On the 13th of October 2016, i provided help of N3,000,000. I am also a super guider (not even in the top 100) committed to helping tens of thousands of participants in the community with solution to their operational problems, including logging issue, account blocking, lifting of both temporary moratorium and removal of Google authenticator, to mention a few.
“Let me also say this; MMM by itself and left alone will run smoothly until Jesus Christ comes, but the negative attacks by the media creates unnecessary bias and fear in the minds of innocent and responsible participants, thereby breaking the organized, well thought out operational structure of any targeted MMM community, which inevitably leads to a temporary or in some cases permanent damage.
“Honestly speaking, no bank anywhere in the world can survive the nature of attacks thrown at MMM anywhere. Throw 10 percent of these attacks at any bank and see how the dawn of the next morning of the next working day will record chaos at the front gate, with thousands of account holders demanding to withdraw all their money.
“Even then the respective bank will have to manage the chaos and expectation of its disgruntled customers, by creating and presenting a structured approach toward any withdrawals. So the current freeze in place in MMM Nigeria is a structured approach towards maintaining a healthy community.
“I am a proud participant of MMM Nigeria and cannot wait to continue in January 2017. Since I joined MMM Nigeria, like the over two million Nigerians who are participants, I have benefited a lot from this divine arrangement. I am not moved of fazed by what the media say and how they have chosen to attack and destroy MMM Nigeria.
“Long Live MMM Nigeria. Long Live MMM Global. Long Live federal Republic of Nigeria, Together we change the world,” he stated.

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