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Ladies: See Three (3) Love-Making Habits You And Your Boyfriend / Husband Should Start

3 love-making habits you and your husband should start
When you are having s*x with your spouse, everything is important to you. Maybe he likes to keep his socks on or she likes it when you take your time with foreplay.
When you focus on the little things they love, it counts big time and makes the relationship sweeter.
2. S*x timetable
When you get married, balancing your relationship, your private life and work might get hectic. At times, you will need to schedule s*x in instead of waiting for the mood.
If you don’t do this, you might find yourself wondering the last time you had s*x. When you book it in, you can prepare for it and set the mood and give enough time to make sure you both org*sm.
3. Communication
When two couples are able to communicate what they want in bed, their s*x life can never have problems. Create a free, non-judgmental atmosphere so you both can say what you enjoy and how the s*x could get better.
Start these habits asap and see how much better your s*x life will be.

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