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What Would You Do If You Caught Your Fiance Cheating on Your Wedding Eve? – Nigerian Celebrities React

What would you do if you caught your fiance cheating on your wedding eve? Read how Nigerian celebrities shared their thoughts on this question.
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“After three years of being together, Sonia was thrilled to be getting married to the love of her life. The night before the big day, her fiancé Stanley was staying at their new apartment and Sonia at her parents’. She paid him a surprise visit that night to pick up something she had forgotten, only to meet the shock of her life.
“When she got to the door, she put her key in the lock but realised it had been double-locked. She banged for ages before it opened and then there was Stanley, wearing only his shorts and looking flustered. He tried to stop her coming in, but she insisted and dashed past him, only to find a n*ked woman crouched beside the bed in their room.”
If you were in Sonia’s shoes, what would you do?
I will cancel the wedding – Jennifer Enujiugha, Model 
I would cancel the wedding because I won’t be able to pretend that everything is okay. I will have no choice but to call off the wedding, because if it can happen on my wedding eve, then it can happen over and over again.
To avoid regrets, I will call off the wedding – Adokiye, Singer 
Frankly, I would call off the wedding without looking back. Any man that can cheat on their woman a night to their wedding does not deserve to have that woman at all, because he would do even worse. Seeing your fiance cheat on you a night to your wedding without any form of respect for the Holy Matrimony he is about going into, such sacred institution.
It’s only a sign from above that I have made the wrong choice of a husband. And if I don’t opt out, I might regret it. It’s not called a divorce till I’m married to him. Since God hates divorce, it’s better to call it off at that early stage.
I will run away from him, he’s not my husband! – Sandra Ifudu, Singer 
The very night before my wedding! This is really beyond pardon! Personally, I can’t stand men who cheat. Any man who will cheat a day to his wedding is a serial cheater and getting married to such a man is complete disaster. You will spend the rest of your life fighting one girl or the other over your own husband and you will probably die young. No man is worth the headache, so I will simply walk away. In fact, I will run away from him. He is not my husband! I will disappear and then
I will disappear and then – Cynthia Agholor, Actress 
I will simply disappear, then organise a big thanksgiving in church, thanking God for saving me from a heartless cheat! A man who could cheat on me the night before my wedding is not worth it.
I won’t continue with the wedding – Adol, Singer 
I won’t continue with the wedding. I will be very heartbroken and disappointed. If she couldn’t put an end to it before our wedding night, that means it was meant to be revealed and she’s bound to continue with it even when we’re married. Therefore, the wedding will not hold.
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