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Nigerians Please Tell This P.rosttitute Nollywood Actress, Angela Okorie To Stay Out Of Gambian Politics Before We Kill Her


For a while now angry Gambians have been flooding our emails and inboxes telling us to please beg nollywood actress Angela Okorie to stay out of Gambian Politics.

According to the emails we have been receiving Angela Okorie is currently in Gambia seriously campiagning for the incumbent Dictator Yahya Jammeh.


One angry Gambian man Mr Gee Saho Has Been Flooding Our Comment Section with hate posts well see one below;

Please nigerian advice this prostitute to stay out of gambian politics before we killed her. She is campaign for the dictetor jammeh in our up coming electoin. Gambian don’t any nigerian puzzy around country in terms of electing our rights. We are going to killed this bastard,angela1


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